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Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by schulzkeil, May 8, 2007.

  1. schulzkeil


    I am using a bootcamp partition for Parallels desktop. This bootcamp partition is much too big, and there is practically no more room left for the OSX partition. Since I am not using bootcamp any longer, I therefore now want to "migrate" my bootcamp partition to Parallels. I started Parallels Transporter in Windows, and Transporter created two files on an external drive: wnx.hdd (50,813,079 mb) and winxp.pvs (1 mb); both files are located in the directory "New Windows XP" on the external HD volume called "noontec external." If I try to boot Parallels from that external drive I get an error message, telling me that one of the files cannot be "locked out", whatever that means. ("Unable to lock out the configuration file /Volumes/noontec external/New Windows XP/winxp.pvs") If I leave the external drive plugged in, my original parallels installation no longer starts and parallels tells me that now TWO bootcamp installations are competing with each other. When I unplug the external drive, things work again... I cannot copy the wnx.hdd file to the harddrive of my Powebook because there is not enough space, and I hesitate to create the required space by deleting the bootcamp partition since I'm afraid that later nothing will work. -- I installed Transporter on my PC and on my Mac. Both are running the latest Parallels Desktop (3188) with the built in Transporter (1080). -- Any bright idea how to proceed?
  2. steffi


    Is there a solution that works for this? It's a common problem.
  3. Amagine


    I also am curious for a similar solution. Essentially creating a Parallels Virtual Machine from a Bootcamp install.

    Troubles with multiple FAT32 drives installed... Have you tried editting the .pvs file to include the external drive as another BootCamp drive?

    as per: http://forum.parallels.com/thread10315.html

    Update with any new offerings please :)
  4. kuebler

    kuebler Bit Poster

    After significant trial and error this worked for me:
    a) Google for VMWare converter,
    b) install this on the bootcamp partition,
    c) run it and execute the "import" function (form the view of VMWare it's an import, but de facto it's an export), take all obvious parameters. This creates an VMWare image of your bootcamp installation,
    d) start Parallels and execute the File/Import function, which will create from the above image a new VM
    e) probably you will have to re-activate the WIndows on your new VM
  5. dorian88


    still having troubles

    I followed the above steps and am still having troubles. When I select import from the VMWare installer it asks me to locate an image which I cannot find. Paralells asks me for this to and there is no image to select because it wasn't created.

    Are you saying that step c should be taken while running windows in boot camp nativly using the VMWare software?

    Please let me know on how to create an image.

  6. chello


    I have an opposite question, How can I move my Parallels WM to a boot camp partition without having to install windows XP again?

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