Migrating a Win98 VirtualPC 6 image

Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by team75, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. team75



    I am trying to convert a client´s win98 installation from their old VirtualPC 6 Roots into a Parallels Virtual Machine. The image´s extension readc .vpc6 . Parallels Transporter is unable to read from this format.

    So I open the image up by control-clicking on it to "Show Package Contents" and I get this: "Windows 98 [2] Drive 1.vhdp". However, Transporter still cannot read from this file.

    So I open this image up even further, russian-doll-like, and I get this: BaseDrive.vhd . Now this is something that Transporter actually recognizes, so the migration process starts.

    After about 15 minutes I get a message about hardware change and are being asked whether I want to boot from the resulting disk image. Of course I do. Then I get this: "There is no operating system on the selectedt disk image or Parallels Transporter is unable to make it bootable."

    Has anyone ever managed to convert a Windows98 VPC image? I was under the impression that Parallels Transporter was supposed to support it.

    Your help is very much appriciated.

    P.S.: I am actually getting a virtual image out oft this: "BaseDrive.hdd". Still, Parallels refuses to boot from it.
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  2. Archy

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    Hello team75,

    Transporter can reconfigure only Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 at this moment.
    I hope opportunity to transport Win98 will be present in next Transporter version .
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  3. lardlad


    I am having trouble migrating an XP machine. I did the same as 'team75' using show package contents until I got to a vhd file. Everything seemed to install just fine but XP will not launch, I get the black screen and safe mode, normally, and last boot choices do nothing. Windows launch comes up for a split second, then I am back at the black screen again with the safe mode and so on choices.

    I followed the instrucitons at:

    As much as I could, since I do not have a XP install disk. I had to be quick but I got a screen capture of the blue screen that flashes before I go back to the black screen:
    http://bogp.com/Picture 8.png

    Any ideas?

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