minix 3.1.4 and Realtek 8029(AS)

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by Patrick S, May 6, 2009.

  1. Patrick S

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    today i wanted to try Minix with Parallels.
    The problem is that the Network Card is not 100% supported by Minix. But the fault seems not to be on Minix Side. It recognizes the Card as RTL8029 (Linux says NE2000 -> but some RTL8029 are NE2000 compatible).
    Minix has an PCI Bar 0 Error with this card. So i tried it on another machine with a real RTL8029 card and it works fine.

    Is it possible to change the emulated NIC? Are there plans to make a "better emulated" NIC within the machine where standards are used?

  2. Elric

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    I don't have any knowledge on Minix. May be problem not a within network card emulation.. But if it is so, the only possible quick solution if some will volunteer to write a Parallels Ethernet driver for Minix. I think that this task should not be very complicated.. May be you can publish request for this Minix-feature on proper minix site. Sources for Linux can be found within linux guest tools. I'll help with questions on porting.

    Another option, is wait for some of the next major releases of Parallels.

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