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    I read a thread here which touched on the first issue below to a primary degree, but I wanted to expand on it as well as present a second issue to see if the community could help or just tell me to "be patient" :)

    Other than what you see below, we are absolutely ecstatic about the possibility 2X is providing us. As the Director of IT, I can honestly say that this is one of those few applications that will help me sleep better at night. Our five user trial has been going phenomenally, and we look forward to becoming a customer!

    When a 1600x1200 or greater resolution monitor is running 2X, the program reverts from being a seamless application to being a Terminal Services window simply running in application mode.

    We wouldn't have a problem with this if it were possible to set a default window size in this instance. Prior to stumbling upon 2X, we would run a .BAT file that would force MSTSC to /w:1024 /h:768 so that the application filled the Terminal Services environment and and least came really close to feeling like a locally run app.

    With the default setting being what it is in 2X, the window breaks, then opens it up in fullscreen, which when I installed it on my Boss' PC, he got annoyed.

    The other minor issue deals with computers running multiple monitors. For some strange reason, the application disappears as you drag it to a second monitor, and the mouse is prohibited from breeching the 2nd Monitor plane. This issue is not massively critical, but with many of our customer support staff requiring one monitor for live chat and one for our POS software, this could come in handy.

    Thank you very much for your help, and I look forward to becoming a major contributor here as my love for ApplicationServer grows!

    - John Vilsack

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