MiraCast support for external Displays

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  1. StevenB9


    External screens such as Samsung Flip work with MiraCast technology built in into Windows 10 to allow Wireless screen sharing. In Parallels we get the message "This PC or Mobile device doesn't support..." and no external device is shown.
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  2. Michael@Parallels

    Michael@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hello Steven,
    Miracast is currently is not supported in Parallels Desktop due to macOS limitations. We've submitted a feature request for our development team, so that once the situation with macOS peculiarities changes, we will be able to implement this functionality into one of the next Parallels Desktop versions.
  3. George11

    George11 Bit Poster

    Hi Michael. Do you have any updates re the above? Did you manage to implement Miracast into the Parallels desktop. This is a native feature of windows 10 and is a little bit disappointing that you dont support this. Also if you have not managed to implemented this yet can you please suggest a way around it? i.e. will a Miracast adapter work as a temporary solution until Parallels find a way to sort this out? Your swift response will be much appreciated.
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  4. DanielV10

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    Hi all, I appreciate this feature request.
    I've tried to use a WiFi USB adpater connected to Windows 10 to have a Wireless connection in Windows 10. This worked, but Miracast was still not possible due to the old WDDM 1.1 version of the Parallels display adapter. The minimum version is 1.3. And Windows 10 current build has the version 2.6, so Parallels is quite "old-school" with that very old driver version.

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