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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dosers, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. dosers

    dosers Bit poster

    So, I applaud Parallels on the release and including DirectX of course, though I am eager to see how soon 'Aero support' (DX9) will come - and why they didn't just wait to deliver it complete.

    But, here are my main gripes.

    Where is 64-bit support? You still cannot install 64-bit versions of Guest OS

    Where is multi-CPU support? You still cannot assing more than 1 CPU to a VM.

    Both these features had been 'in development' as per Parallels, and, frankly, both ARE available in the beta version of that pesky competitor (who has not yet announced when they will ship GA).

    Will we have to wait till 4.0 for the above to be included ?

  2. STim

    STim Bit poster

    Having our release performance in mind, I'd expect 64bit and SMP somewhere this year and via free 3.x update ;)

    We are delivering new exciting features as fast as we can. But those two are quite heavy and they need a lot of internal development, debugging, testing, fixing, reviewing, consideration and so on. This is not a fast process.
  3. wkharris

    wkharris Junior Member

    I for one think you guys and the team at Parallels are doing an outstanding job! It is amazing how quickly you are enhancing this product. You are truely giving EMC/VMWARE a run for the money - FCK those basturds!
  4. maxxxfl

    maxxxfl Junior Member

    Kudos to Parallels

    I have to agree with WKHarris. I just installed 3.0 on my core 2 duo macbook running windows xp pro from the boot camp partition, with 1 gig of ram. The upgrade installed flawlessly, and the first thing I noticed is that both the vm and the mac side seem to be performing much better than in version 2.5. The mac side in particular is not nearly as sluggish as it was in 2.5.

    Thanks Parallels!
  5. dosers

    dosers Bit poster

    understood - I appreciate the quick reply, and again, I am not at all unhappy with 3 - just anxious for these - in my opinion - major value additions.

    Looking forward to having them added 'sometime' in 3.x lifecycle.



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