Mobile wont recognize my account and password

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  1. scotttkd

    scotttkd Bit poster

    When I try to login onto mobile in 6 for mac desktop, it tells me that login or password is invalid, tried resetting, still wont recognize...can login into my account at parallels website, so the login info is good and recognized here, not sure what else to try......any help would be appreciated. 6 working fine on the mac other than logging into account to activate mobile access.
  2. scotttkd

    scotttkd Bit poster

    Update, ipad will log in with my logon and password, gives me the message to log in from desktop to activate mobile feature, same logon and password does not work on desktop....started happening after updating to the most recent build

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  3. sergeym

    sergeym Parallels Team

    Could you please do the following:

    1. Open PD6 > Preferences > Mobile
    2. Try to login to Mobile server, wait for error message to appear
    3. Close the message dialog
    4. Do not close Preferences dialog
    5. Go to PD6 > Help > Report a problem
    6. Send the problem report to us
    7. Put the problem report number here, on the forum. The problem report is not publicly accessible, so putting its ID is OK.

    you can get the report's ID in the message, that appears after report is sent (for example, see below):
    >> Your problem report has been sent to the Parallels Support team with ID XXXXXXX.
  4. sergeym

    sergeym Parallels Team

    After sending the problem report please also check the following and report the results here:

    Open PD6 > Register Product in the application menu;
    You will see the dialog with the title "Logint to existing account";

    Try to input the same email and password you used to login to Parallels Mobile server from PD > Preferences > Mobile dialog. Click "Login" button.

    Can you login there?
  5. scotttkd

    scotttkd Bit poster

    Mobile issue - SOLVED ITSELF

    Update 2....this morning, the desktop login procedure worked and immediately my ipad was able to connect to PD6.

    I am guessing one of two issues....since it happened right after applying the latest update that the update caused an issue of some sort that they have resolved....or

    Since the mobile server had issues last week, is it possible that the database that holds the login info was not updating properly, as when I could not login I went through the process of changing the password....both the ipad and the account website recognized the new password immediately, but the desktop would not recognize it until this morning....maybe the database that the desktop program accesses was not updating??

    Anyway, thank you for the assistance.

  6. DarleneM

    DarleneM Bit poster

    Report ID 7353645 Support Code 00471-93772

    I can login to Parallels everywhere except on my desktop mobile. It doesn't like my password.

    I can login to Parallels network fine. However, I can't register my copy because our IT department at our university has already done that and he used his email address for all copies of Parallels. Could this be the problem?

    Really need to get to Parallels from my iPad at home....Help in Fort Worth
  7. sergeym

    sergeym Parallels Team

    Dear DarleneM,

    Although your IT dept. have registered all PD copies on the same e-mail account, you can use your own account to work with Parallels Mobile. It's not necessary to re-register you copy of PD.
    First of all, create an account at the Parallels Web site.
    Then run the PD on your Mac and go to Parallels Desktop > Preferences > Mobile. Enter your email and password of the account you just created and click Login. Use the same email and password on your mobile device to login to the Parallels Mobile server.

    If you already have the Parallels account, it's no matter if PD registered to another email. Use the email and password of your existing account to login to the Parallels Mobile server both from your Mac and mobile device. Make sure you enter email and password accurately: use capital and lowercase letters exactly where they should be.
  8. dbrandon

    dbrandon Bit poster

    I'm having a similar issue. I was able to login to Parallels Mobile on the Desktop application but I can't on my iPhone, it has been doing this for a few weeks.

    I reset my password, I've reset my phone, I went as far as reinstalling Parallels Mobile. Any ideas?
  9. sergeym

    sergeym Parallels Team

    Dear dbrandon,

    Can you describe the error message which is displayed by Parallels Mobile when you fail to login?
    It would be very helpful if you post the screen shot of that message here (to make a screen shot press the iPhone's home and power button simultaneously).

    We need to be sure about which server you cannot login to? Actually, you have to login to the Parallels Mobile server first (you input your email and password, the same as on Parallels Desktop, for that purpose). After that you should login to your Mac, where you must input your Mac's user name and password.

    The screen shot or your description could help to clarify the case.
  10. ChrisPage

    ChrisPage Bit poster

    I can't use account to login.

    I cannot log in to my mobile account from my Desktop v6 Prefs:Mobile tab. I get a
    "Unable to connect to Parallels Account Server
    Please Check your network connections and try again" (see attachment). I am using a Virtual Machine originated in Desktop v4. I can log in both online, and in the Register menu choice.

  11. AhmadH

    AhmadH Bit poster

    I am also cannot log in to mobile account from my Desktop v6. But I did not get an error message, it is just trying with out stoping or getting any error, and in my iPad (connect normally) I found no Macs Connected.. Please need and advice.
  12. Adam Jawer

    Adam Jawer Bit poster

    I am having a similar problem. I can log in to the website with my email/password but I cannot log in on the Parallels Preferences/Mobile nor the iPhone App. Here is my support ID: 8038294.
  13. AndyZahenbacher

    AndyZahenbacher Junior Member

    ChrisPage, AhmadHAdam, Jawer,

    Have you tried to reset your accounts? Do you use a proxy?
  14. dlipper

    dlipper Bit poster

    Same problem, email/password combo not recognized for Mobile

    I just bought PD 6 partly because of the Mobile server feature.
    However I seem to have the same problem as some other people here:
    trying to log into Mobile via PD -> Preferences -> Mobile with my Parallels account and password results in an error "The email or password you entered is invalid".

    However I can log into my Parallels account with the same email/password on the Parallels website and also logging in under PD -> Register Product ... -> Login to existing account works.

    After reading this thread I also followed the advise to create an error report from within PD,
    the problem report ID is 8178762.

    Any help or ideas how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.


  15. CherylP

    CherylP Bit poster

    Having same issue

    I'm having having the same issue as well. I followed all the steps and researched everything I could possibly to to get it to work but it just keeps giving me incorrect username and password even though both are correct. Heres a screenshot as well.

    Attached Files:

  16. CherylP

    CherylP Bit poster


    Nevermid I got it to work now. When you download the app for the iphone/ipad it will first ask you to log in to your parallels acct. then it will ask you to log in to the mac [whatever you originally put in when you set up your mac]. also when you put in the mac username it needs to match exactly [case sensitive]. then you should have no problem. hope this helps!
  17. PatrickMurphy

    PatrickMurphy Bit poster

    I have the same problem. Login/pass works on the web site, but not for the PD > Preferences > Mobile credentials. Tech support keeps mailing me back the same instructions as listed above. This is not an issue of us not being able to follow directions.

    I finally even tried downloading the mobile app and seeing if logging in with it would help. No. The Parallels Mobile app talks about logging into the "Parallels Mobile server" when we follow the instructions above. Is there a separate Mobile server? I'm wondering if the problem isn't some kind of disconnect between account registration on the main Parallels server and the Parallels Mobile server.
  18. Circumspect

    Circumspect Bit poster

    Incorrect user name or password when connecting to mac - some advice

    If you've logged into the parallels web site ok, but get that incorrect user name password message at the second stage of actually connecting to your mac, then check what your user name really is.

    The Mac login screen and the preferences panel don't make it very clear (at least to my way of thinking) what exactly your user name is. If you want to be sure, then open up a terminal window (type terminal in spotlight, that's the magnifying glass at top right of screen, then hit enter). In the terminal window type the following one word command in lower case as on the following line...
    Then hit enter. That will give you your user name and it is case sensitive.

    Hope that helps,
  19. JohanJ

    JohanJ Bit poster

    Found a bug (username,password)

    I think I have found what I believe is a bug in the software, don't know if it's in parallels desktop or in mobile version. It seems like there are several user that have had problems to log in to there Mac's from paralells mobile, they have got the message "wrong username or password" even though they are sure that they have put in the right name and password. Some have reported that both username and password are case sensitive, that could be one issue but a normal one. I have found what I believe is a true bug.
    I must say that I was quite near to give up on this software and leave as a unhappy customer with a bad feeling of being ripped of but suddenly I got this idea that maybe the problem lays in my actual Mac user password (i had a password that contained swedish letters that's not in the english alphabet. When I changed my password I no longer had any problems to login to parallels running on my Mac.
    I hope that this could help others with this username/password issue.
  20. RobertL594

    RobertL594 Bit poster

    I am having the same issue. My iPad login screen shows the name of my desktop computer when I start Parallels Mobile but when I try to login, I get the same incorrect user name or password. I am registered, i have input my user name, email, password numerous times, even after changing password. Getting frustrated. Would be nice if Parallels would actually post some recommended solutions.

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