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  1. KevinU3

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    Because the Parallels icon is red, it stands out quite a bit in the menu bar (see attached image). Any chance Parallels could use a monochrome icon in the menu bar (or allow the user to configure the color of the icon used for this purpose)?

    Hiding the icon is an option, but I would prefer to have an icon in the menu bar -- just wish it was a bit more subtle.

    For reference, this is with a trial version of Parallels Desktop (13.2.0).

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  2. BoukeH

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    Yes I would welcome such a "feature" very much. I put quotes around feature because I don't think it's a feature, but rather a bug, oversight or plain ignorance. The menu bar has only black / white (depending on light/dark style) icons on them. Parallels must be aware of this, knowing the platform obviously better than most of us. However you're forcing your corporate identity in our zen menu bar anyway.
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  3. bertboot

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    Indeed. I have a LOT of icons on my menu bar. The vast majority is monochrome. Two were in color, and have been set to monochrome by me. The Parallels icons in the menu bar (Parallels and Parallels toolkit) are the only ones that remain annoyingly distracting in RED. It surely is no rocket science to either change them to monochrome (as they should have been), or include a monochrome option. Or am I missing something here??
  4. Fernando Afonso

    Fernando Afonso

    Please, a monochrome icon is needed!

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