Monterey guest on Ventura host macmini M2 Pro 2023 (KB 125561)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JoeM32, Apr 17, 2023.

  1. JoeM32

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    I have a question, referring to recent KB article:
    Due to a number of unforseen compatibility issues, we need to run Monterey on this brand new machine. Now, keep in mind this machine was factory issued with Ventura.
    Under the section titled "Install MacOS VM of a different version", this sentence seems to imply that it is possible to generate a "different" version VM:
    "Hence, if you wish to create a macOS virtual machine with a different macOS version, it is necessary to create it on a Mac running that version, and then transfer the resulting .macvm file to the destination Mac."

    As i can't downgrade the host to monterey, as i understand apple do not allow factory downgrading OS. I do, however have an available macbook air M1 2020 running Monterey. Does this mean i can "generate" a monterey VM on macbook air, transfer file across to new macmini M2 Pro 2023, and run the Monterey VM?

    If this is not going to work. Will there be any future support for a downgraded OS from factory issued host? I see form ipsw for this macmini M2 Pro 2023, only Ventura files are available:,12

    many thanks,.
  2. Pramesh Boodadoo

    Pramesh Boodadoo Staff Member

    Indeed, you may transfer the Monterey Virtual Machine by following the below steps:
    1. Download and install your Monterey Virtual Machine on the MacBook Air M1 2020 (running Monterey).
    2. Locate the .macvm file of the virtual machine on Control Center.
    Right-click on your virtual machine's and select "Show in Finder"
    3. Copy the whole .macvm bundle to an external drive/ Mac HD.
    4. Copy the file back to the Mac Mini M2 Pro 2023 and double-click on it to open the Monterey VM on this device.
    Thank you.
  3. JoeM32

    JoeM32 Bit poster

    fantastic thanks Pramesh i will be sure to give it a go.

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