Monterey VM crash on launch

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by PeterH64, May 20, 2022.

  1. PeterH64

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    After I run the latest Monterey update on my native machine I can no longer launch Big Sur or Monterey as a VM. It starts to load and then crashes without any messages. It does look like some graphic glitch, but not sure.
    I have checked my settings and they seem to look as they should (no issues loading Windows or Ubuntu 22.04 for example).
    Any tips on what could cause this and how to solve it? need to be able to reach my VMs as soon as possible!
  2. GampaA@P

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    Hello PeterH64, Please refer to the knowledge base article to fix the Monterey virtual machine crashing issue. Thanks.
  3. PeterH64

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    The artivcle you linked to is for Parallels Desktop start issues. I have no problem starting Parallels Desktop and I can run both Ubuntu and Windows without any problems. My problem is that my Monterey VM crashes every time I try to run it.

    There is a linked article that refers to Windows VM that can not be started, not sure if that trouble shooting would work for Monterey too? It does ask for a error message, but my VM crashes with no error messages what so ever.
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  4. Asish

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    Hello, We would like to inform you that we have released the Parallels Desktop's latest build 17.1.4 so we would suggest you upgrade the Parallels Desktop to the latest build and check.

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