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    Hi all...

    I'm using the UK bluetooth keyboard supplied with the iMac. It's pretty well known that some keys map wrongly, which I've changed using:

    Preferences -> Keyboard -> + (add new keyboard mapping)

    Then I tried to do the same for the ~ key, which is to the left of Z on my keyboard. If I type in an editor, it gives me a vertical line at the minute.

    Weird thing is, the Preferences -> Keyboard mapping pane doesn't even recognise the keypress. If I hit the ~ key it just leaves the 'From' box blank. Same thing in the 'To' box.

    If I type a different character in the box (a letter Z, say), and then hit the ~ key, it will clear the box and leave it blank. So far as I can tell, this is the only key having this problem.

    BTW, I'm running latest versions of Snow Leopard, Windows 7 and Parallels 6. I also tried the Bootcamp drivers as per this article:

    The 'Windows driver package - Apple Keyboards' appears in the control panel under 'Programs and Features', but the Apple keyboards don't appear in the 'Regional settings' as described in the article.

    Oh yeah, I've rebooted Windows 7 and then the entire computer a number of times.

    Before I start hacking the keyboard map in the registry, any ideas welcome! Apologies if I missed something already out there.



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