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    I know there is a solution for this but I'm not really worried about that. I just want Parallels to know that I consider the following to be supremely annoying. I heard about MS Office users encountering this 'BUG' (and yes, I'm calling it a bug even though it's a feature) and thought at the time "boy am I glad I only use parallels for one simple task."

    I guess I should have stuck with that because the from the minute I tried a Windows version of something (just to see how it worked, it doesn't matter what that piece of software is) things have been a real hassle.

    The problem is that old "file associations" thing in which files that USED to open applications on the Mac side (when double clicked) now launch Parallels (oh fun, NOT). Right-clicking on the file on the Mac side, choosing Open With... and "Always Open With" do NOT WORK. That last point is the CRUX of the issue. If you are going to add a feature you are NOT SUPPOSED TO BREAK EXISTING FEATURES, particularly Macintosh functionality. It's just bad design, period, there is absolutely no argument in favor of it.

    I'm your easiest customer Parallels. I have your software installed on my Mac so I can run one simple application: jwpce. It's an old, very straightforward piece of software but alas it takes up oodles of space thanks to Parallels (my problem and I accept that, it's still less 'space' than a PC next to my Mac). I am now thoroughly discouraged to even try anything else in Parallels and since jwpce runs in Crossover (small footprint, nearly transparent) I'm inclined to ditch Parallels like so many others have done.

    I know you've got customers clamoring for 3D support (and if it worked with current gen games I'd use it) but those of us who really only need it for simple, simple tasks are going to move to easier to use software.

    Hell, I've not programmed for over 5 years but I'm thinking of putting the gloves back on and simply writing a Macintosh app around jwpce's Kanji databases. Blah. I certainly hope Parallels considers redefining just how that file association thing works. I do not believe I ever answered "yes" to the "use Mac files in Windows" dialog but it gets asked frequently because I move files to the Windows desktop many times.
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