Most requested Parallels features

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Andrew @ Parallels, Aug 7, 2006.


Vote for your most requested feature

  1. Boot Camp support

    27 vote(s)
  2. Windows Vista support

    22 vote(s)
  3. USB 2.0 support

    128 vote(s)
  4. Drag'n'drop support

    21 vote(s)
  5. 3D graphics support

    150 vote(s)
  6. Snapshots support

    19 vote(s)
  7. Burn CD/DVD support

    24 vote(s)
  8. Guest SMP support

    12 vote(s)
  9. NAT support

    4 vote(s)
  10. Multiple NICs support

    19 vote(s)
  1. Thog


    Oddly enough, it started working after the update. Bridged mode now works fine, I am a happy puppy. :D

    Now, if I could just get 1280x800 full-screen in CentOS, my life would be really good.
  2. fredcast



    You need to support Garmin via USB. Period.
  3. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    Would I use a GARMIN device, I would hammer its manufacturer for providing adequate support, tools and applications right in Mac OS X. That would be *much* better than still relying on Windows for this......
  4. teig


    I would focus on getting the core virtual PC hardware and the feeling of using it to be up to speed.
    That is, make it closer to the real world.

    Then add useful things like drag-and-drop, 3D, SCSI etc.
  5. M.D.


    SCSI is a core item.

    Combined with USB2Xchange it makes SCSI via USB possible:
  6. rlreif


    yeah isight

    why isnt isight support on the list???
    i loved the trial version, but you arent getting my money until built in isights from macbook pros work
  7. Victor


    I would vote for webcam/isight support so I can use MSN video and audio chats to my PC using family.

    Oh yes, Proper Mac Pro support ;)
  8. neilbradley


    Multiple network interfaces

    I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned, but multiple network interfaces would allow me to retire a machine if it existed...
  9. Steb


    Improved graphics support, in my case I'm interested in running Windows Media Center edition, would be great to have an updated graphic that supports this Windows version.
  10. fredcast


    Trust me, I have been hammering Garmin about the need for them to move forward in haste on their Macintosh project and they have assured me that they are.

    But we must play the hands we are dealt and the fact of the matter is that Garmin hasn't finished the project, thereby leaving us Mac users in need of a solution. So far, Boot Camp is the only solution available. If Parallels is going to be a true implementation of Windows virtualization on the Mac, then the Parallels team needs to address issues such as these.

    Besides, we're all Mac users here and we all would like every one of our applications and every piece of hardware to be compatible with the Mac. The reality is, however, that this will never be possible. I will still need to use AutoCAD under Parallels or Boot Camp, along with thousands of other hardware and/or software items. This is why we are Parallels customers and this is why we are on this forum.


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  11. Redshark


    Multiple monitor support.

  12. BenInBlack


    Yes, I had the pleasure of borrowing one of these babies on a trip and I am going to buy one.
    I am holding off till Parallels get this going, no pressure :D
  13. pderby


    Why robust USB support is important to me

    I do astronomy as a serious hobby using Apple hardware for a desktop star guide to know where to aim my Questar telescope as well as interfacing to SBIG astro imaging equipment. I tried Boot Camp and backed off.
    My problem with the Boot Camp approach was that I could either run
    Windows or OS X, not both at the same time. So with Boot Camp you
    are spared the cost of buying two computers,but you can only run one
    OS at a time.

    I rely on Equinox as my "online" star map when I use my Questar and
    as my "go to" interface when i use my Meade LX 200. So if I moved to
    Boot Camp I'd lose Equinox. I'm sure there are plenty of fine
    alternatives to Equinox, but that is the application that works for
    the way I like to do astronomy in the field and Equinox is a Mac only
    application. I also prefer Apple laptop hardware to what is
    available in the greater PC market to get the quality, low weight,
    reliability, support and repairs at a nearby Apple Store, etc. So I
    start with Equinox running on Apple hardware under OS X and look to
    find other applications that will take care of the imaging needs.
    The author of Equinox is well into developing Equinox Image, so it is
    a matter of time before an application that does the imaging chores
    running under OS X/Intel will be available. ( The way the weather
    has been here in the Washington DC area, Equinox Image may be
    released before we get a good viewing night!) After the images are
    captured, Aperture is my application of choice for storing and
    tagging and retrieving images and Photoshop is my application of
    choice for the "digital darkroom" processes. So the post image
    capture effort under OS X is well covered with professional grade,
    high performant applications. The missing applications for OS X are
    the astro imaging applications.

    My hope is that Parallels will get their virtual
    machine product working under OS X to the point that I can run
    Windows XP a a virtual system under OS X. Parallels has already
    released "Parallels Desktop" and this initial release is impressive!
    I use it every day at work to access web sites that are tightly
    coupled to Internet Explorer running under XP and to use a handful of
    Windows specific applications, namely VISIO and ACCESS. XP under
    Parallels Desktop is the fastest laptop based Windows XP system I've
    ever used. The current problem with Parallels Desktop is USB
    support, in particular USB 2.0 support. The astro imaging applications I want to use need USB 2.0 support to get to the imaging cameras. If the developers at
    Parallels can solve the USB interface problem, then there won't be an
    issue anymore. Then those of us that want to stay on Apple Hardware can run OS
    X and OS X applications as well as Windows XP (or Vista when it
    releases) under Parallels Desktop at the same time.

    So the solution that will cover my needs for having both operating systes available on
    one 5.5 lb piece of Apple hardware hopefully is near, it is just a matter of USB 2.0 support for Windows XP via Parallels Desktop.
  14. David Corrales

    David Corrales

    I go with multiple NIC's. It's necessary to try firewall configurations in virtual machines.
    Another thing that I'd like to see improved is the GUI redraw times. It seems... laggy to me.
  15. wad


    Firewire support wuld be nice aswell

    I would like ot access my firewire devices aswell. Also usb 2.0 would be great. But Drag adn drop and 3d would be at the top.
  16. master


    I would like to see iSight support (MSN Messenger) and support for Garmin GPS.
  17. UKP


    What I would like to see is parallels run in the background, and windows apps run in their own app window on the mac desktop - sort of like the wine/crossover look but using parallels as the virtualiser for 100% compatibility.
  18. erp6502


    support for more than 2 USB devices simultaneously

    I realize that the Parallels developers are probably swamped by their success, so I've only requested one (seemingly) small feature over and over, namely the ability to attach more than two USB devices simultaneously. To my naive perspective, it seems it should be a simple matter for the wizards of Parallels to increase the number of devices allowed on their virtual USB Root Hub from 2 to some larger integer value. It seems like a small change but it is all that keeps me from a) disposing of the PC I use for embedded development and b) becoming an utterly loyal, nay, fanatical Parallels customer.

    I've already bought the software so in one sense my vote doesn't count, but I can't in good conscience evangelize for Parallels either to my partners in crime or to innocent bystanders in coffeeshops until it becomes possible to attach at least three USB devices simultaneously, e.g. a JTAG programmer, a serial port, and a software activation dongle, said trifecta being the bread and butter of embedded systems developers everywhere.

    Aside from this incredibly annoying misfeature, I still find Parallels Desktop on OSX to be the best emulation/virtualization environment I've ever used (including Win4Lin, VirtualPC, Qemu and VMWare). Keep up the good work, but please remember that there's a huge potential market of engineers and students utterly frustrated with Windows but forced to use it because the necessary development tools only run there, and who would love to consolidate their computing environment on OSX.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2006
  19. ricka

    ricka Bit Poster

    Am I the only one who thinks it would be cool to be able to run Tiger/Leopard as a guest?

  20. alkalifly

    alkalifly Kilo Poster

    You are defnitely not the only one who thinks it would be cool. However, as has been discussed in a number of threads on this message board, this is somerthing that would be completely impossible for Parallels to do legally unless Apple made drastic and unlikely changes to their software license for Mac OSX.

    However, if your interest is in having a sandbox-like environment for building Mac OSX applications, you could try running Open Darwin as a guest. It is not one of the guests OS's that is officially supported by Parallels, but with a bit of tweaking, it could probably be made to work. If there is some serious incompatibility that prevents running this OS as a guest, and it is something that Parallels can do something about, then this would definitely be a very good feature request. In the meantime, somebody has got to try it out and let us know. If nobody reports back before I have time to try it out myself (not until next weekend at the soonest), consider this an official threat :D

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