mount a VM across network?

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux' started by eno, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. eno


    I'm getting the hardware together to test this ability but I thought I'd ask for some insight ahead of time...

    I'd like to network-boot a small network of pc's (identical hardware) via PXE to a linux host os, then use a virtual machine of Win XP Pro for network rendering with some windows graphics apps.

    1- can I mount a VM across the network?

    2- what is the smallest footprint of a linux host os?

    3- assuming I have enough ram for both OS's, can I avoid swapping across the lan? do you expect my performance will be ok like this? I don't mind having local drives with VM's to choose from if it'll improve performance.

    I basically am trying to achieve PXE abilities with windows without getting into XP-Embedded or DIY solutions like BartPE.


    Alpay Kasal
  2. STim

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    I'm not sure I've got you right. Do you mean PXE booting of the guest OS or having a VM virtual hard disk stored on some network share?

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