Mountain Lion DP 3 won't start install

Discussion in 'macOS Guest OS Discussion' started by RandallS, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. RandallS

    RandallS Bit Poster

    Hi All,

    Has anyone had any luck getting DP3 to install. Mine just comes up with the grey screen and apple logo and sits there. I've tried from dvd and from an image file. Get the same thing. Even gave it 6 gb and 64 mb of video memory and no help. I've seen where others get it to install but I've tried multiple times trying multiple settings and no luck.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Running V7 with latest updates.
  2. Daleski75


    Change it to have 2 CPU's and 512mb of Video RAM and then it should start up fine.
  3. RandallS

    RandallS Bit Poster

    That did it. I suspect it was video ram required. I will try it with 1 proc and let the forum know.

  4. Barry Hawkins

    Barry Hawkins

    Thanks, I never would have thought to try that.
  5. What is the benefit of 512MB video RAM?

    I'm currently configured with 4 CPU's, 3GB RAM, and 256MB VRAM.
  6. enthusuast

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    Working Mountain Lion DP 3

    i installed Mountain Lion on Lion 10.7.3 virtual image. Everything is working nicely exept animations (as allways)
    All this is working on Mac Pro 2007. Client has 2 CPU 2GB RAM, 64MB VRAM

    i havent re installed parallels tools, and im not to about to . .
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