Mounting VM Windows 11 ARM for BACKUP PURPOSES

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    Dear all,
    for a few weeks I have installed Windows 11 ARM with Parallels V18 on a MacBook Pro M1 Max.

    The stability and the performance is fantastic, but:
    For backup purposes I have wrote an AppleScript which have to mount the /volumes/windows 11!, because when the VM is started the Windows 11 in the Network (IOS Ventura) will do not start automatically!!

    I have tried many, many options, but I don't get mounted the /volumes/Windows 11...
    I have tried it with the command (Applescript):

    do shell script "diskutil mount /Volumes/Windows 11"

    With the AppleScript I want to copy Data-files from /volumes/Windows 11 into a 'iCloud/Backup'

    I hope you can help me...

    Now I have a few questions:
    1) Is it possible without starting the VM to get access to the Datafiles of /volumes/Windows 11 (or in other words the Windows 11.pvm)
    (It would be the best proffesionell solution, but it is not a problem when it is not possible)
    2) How can the /volumes/Windows 11 be automaticly mounted with AppleScript (do shell script) when the VM Windows 11 is started.
    3) How can I avoid that the the mounting will disappear when VM Windows 11 goes in sleepmodus?

    I would be perfect when you could help me with question 2)...It would be fatastic when somebody has a solution for question 1) or for question 2) in combination wit question 3)

    Thanks in advance for your support

    KR / Jeroen
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