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    This may turn out to be a question where there is already a feature that I haven't found. Feel free to enlighten me! Meanwhile, I will suggest the idea.

    One of the greatest things in using a Mac is that the movement of the cursor is sensitive to your moving speed. That is, if you mouse slowly, the cursor moves across the screen slowly. If you mouse quicker, the cursor moves at a quicker pace.

    On Windows it usually feels like the movement is linear, and is at high speed so that you can move quickly when you want to. It's upsetting to use a PC, because all of the control of cursor speed is down to your muscle memory, there is no assistance from the OS.

    Windows 11, in Parallels, authentically recreates the pain that you feel when using a real PC. Would it be possible for Parallels to make Windows move the cursor in a Mac like way?

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