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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by TamasR, Apr 2, 2012.

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    I have troubles with mouse clicks when Parallels is running. When the Parallels is not started then the problem does not show itself (however exiting Parallels completely does not make the problem go away).

    It is that in the whole system - means OSX host and the guest as well - clicking with mouse is not always responsive at once. Without any coherent behavior it sometimes require two or sometimes even three clicks in the same spot to have the single click effect (spot here means any clickable item in the system, buttons, menu, hyperlink, dock icons, anything). Both left and right button. Happens with HP Bluetooth, USB Miscrosoft as well as with the trackpad. But adding to the confusion sometimes even the first click works. When I try to find logic and go around clicking things carefully then for long time two click (not double click but two single click lets say in 1-2 sec delay) has to be performed to get the single click effect, then suddenly one click is enough sometimes. Completely unpredictable, still quite apparent, very annoying.
    Otherwise the system performance is perfect, the mouse movement is always smooth, programs run quickly.
    (This is a MacBookPro, 4G mem, Snow Leopard, latest Parallels 7)

    Anyone experienced similar?

    I have a second UI symptom as well, might be related.
    Occasionally - not often - typing into a filed in a browser of the OSX or typing into TextEdit has double effect: the same text appears in the guest OS's application. Typing into an application in a topmost OSX application will have the same keystrokes appear in applications of Win 7 (x64) open in the background (open underneath the active OSX application).
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    Didn't have any issues running WindowsXP or Windows7, until the upgrade to PD8. Now the WindowsXP machine has terrible click lag. I have to click, hold the mouse still on the same spot for halve a second before the Windows machine handles the mouseup correctly.

    There appears to be a lag time of 0.5 seconds before the mouseup is handled. The effect is that if the mouse is not held still at the same position where the mousedown happened, I would either click something else, click nothing, or select an area...

    Major bummer...

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