Mouse Cursor Drag & Drop Systemic Tools Problem

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Derekasaurus Rex, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    I did both Direct Draw and Direct 3D tests.

    Well not really. I was unable to test 3D as the option was greyed out.

    The tests in DD worked but were exceptionally sluggish and when it did the full screen white box it revered to a 480 sized window... again it was slow, sluggish and paused several times during the test.

    What does this tell you?

    Also... I note that on the BLUE Screen for log in, I can drag the mouse back and forth for several seconds... until the desktop appears, then it is LOCKED to the VM and unable to return to OSX without the manual release control+ alt.

    I have my dxdiag open and there are dozens of tabs available if any of them matter for this problem.
  2. idanmashaal

    idanmashaal Member

    The first 2 (windowed) Direct Draw test fail at my system and the last 2 (Full Screen) have the same effect as you experienced.

    Did you enable DirectX support in VM Configuration ?
  3. jwalthour

    jwalthour Member

    I built a new VM from scratch and still have had problems with mouse synchronization. It seems apparently linked to the video--every time change the resolution, the mouse stops being synchronized. I WISH someone from Parallels would say SOMETHING about all these problems we've been reading about. This silence is VERY AGGREVATING.
  4. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    I had one other problem when they first came out with Transporter... I emailed 6 different staff / admin people directly who post on this board.


    Finally a user who struggled to fix it himself walked me throught it...

    But I do NOT expect these CRIMINALS to actually support this product with a serious reply so I intend to SQUEEK very loudly until they do.

    In fact I am not to far from making a PARALLELSBLOWS.COM website if they do NOT address this HORRID customer service problem.
  5. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    Well, well, I see that you read this post. You even found the time to edit my sarcastic reply to your inane "Intall tools" crap.

    But... with all that free time... You did NOT have the wherewithall to POST a REPLY ???

    You could NOT find the time to address these conserns ???

    WTF !!! ???

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