Mouse cursor pointer disappearing when moving to any textbox

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by duraid, Jan 26, 2018.

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    This happens with V16.0 and V16.2 as well. Once we link our laptops to monitors using HDMI cables we can not see the cursor pointer when we highlight text or the cursor is not visible.

    We are running Win10 64 bit pro tried this on different monitors and they all have the same issue. If we unplug it from the monitor and use the laptop screen is fine.

    Please use the link below to download the mp4 video that I recorded that shows the issue.
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    Greetings @duraid,

    Doing some findings through the web a lot of reports of similar scenario can be found. Below are some examples of threads where similar behavior is observed.

    In most of the cases, switching the application or a change in cursor helps to restore the cursor. In other worse situations, a driver update for the mouse temporarily solves the issue but never solved the issue completely.
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