Mouse Not Showing/Working in Windows 10

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RandyG3, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. BernardB3

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    So that is interesting the new Windows VM + Parallels Tools is working with my mouse and keyboard. If is a pain to have to migrate my license and software to the new Windows VM but it is at least working.
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    I am having the sluggish mouse problem, as well. It began when I upgraded from Parallels 15.1.4 to 16.0.0. I run two Win10 VMs on my 15" MBP (2017).

    Now, every morning, when I come in, the mouse takes 5-10 seconds to respond. I move a window, wait 5-10 and then it moves. Today is horrid, it is running 10-20 seconds behind. This is a problem for the built-in trackpad, the Magic Trackpad, and the Logitech Trackball. I lock the machine at the end of the day and let the VMs and the Host do whatever they need to do overnight.

    My solution, every morning:
    Restart Parallels. Rebooting the VMs does not fix the problem. Rebooting the Host was too much.

    Support solutions have been:
    Turning OFF gaming mouse feature - it was already OFF.
    Reinstalling ParallelTools - done with the upgrade to 16.0.0 and the upgrade to 16.0.1 and multiple times for the Support Team
    Turning off all items that load at boot time - this just cause me aggravation the next morning upon reboot/restart

    Currently, Support has downgraded me back to 15.1.4. We are going to let it run over night and make sure all is OK. If so, then we will produce a Technical Data Report for them to compare with those from 16.
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    I occur the similar issue today that no responding to mouse/TrackPad/keyboard or no showing the cursor in windows 10. I had operated the hardware setting and reinstalled parallels tool and the issue still there. The windows is not stuck but I can't access any input.
    Parallels Desktop version 17.0.0 (51461)
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    Have you found a solution? my mouse disappears and doesn't work when i try to click anything and my keyboard doesn't work neither, i've tried everything in the books and nothing has worked. Starting to lose hope tbh
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    To let us better understand the situation, please perform the following steps:

    1. Reproduce the issue.
    2. Collect a technical report (click Parallels icon || > Help > Send technical data > check "Attach screenshots..." > press Send Report) and provide its 9-digit ID here.
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    The same problem occurred to me just right now (macbook pro M1). Will open a ticket...
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