Mouse Sensitivity Is WAY Too High When Playing Games

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by L&MP, Aug 31, 2023.

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    So when I try to play my video games like steam/ minecraft / etc I always have a issue with my mouse Sensitivity that is VERY VERY VERY high and it basically makes it impossible to play.

    Please fix this issue.
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    To try to fix your issue, please do the following:
    1) You need to shut down your Virtual Machine. It's important.
    2) Locate your Windows 11 virtual machine (
    3) Open your Windows 11 Virtual Machine by right click on it and choose Show Package Content.
    4) Find and open config.pvs file by right click and choose Open With -> TextEdit
    5) Then you need to find the below lines (Press Command + F > Type in first sentence and press enter) :
    <SmoothScrolling dyn_lists="">
    <TimeSync SyncInterval_patch="1" dyn_lists="">
    and switch all 1 to 0 and press Command + S key to save the file.
    6) Restart Parallels Desktop.
    7) Check if the issue persists.
    In case if the issue persists, please collect an additional technical report (click Parallels icon || > Help > Send technical data > check "Attach screenshots..." > press Send Report) and send the report's 9-digit ID in a reply to this post.
    Thank you
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    Experiencing extremely high mouse sensitivity in video games like Steam games and Minecraft can be frustrating, but it's a common issue that can often be resolved with a few adjustments. Here are steps to help you fix the problem:

    1. In-Game Sensitivity Settings:

    • Start by opening the game you want to play.
    • Access the in-game settings or options menu.
    • Look for sensitivity or mouse settings.
    • Adjust the sensitivity slider or setting to a lower value. Lower values typically result in slower mouse movements.
    2. DPI Settings on Your Mouse:

    • Some gaming mice have adjustable DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings. These settings can drastically affect your mouse sensitivity.
    • Access your mouse software or driver settings, which are often available in the system tray or system settings.
    • Lower the DPI setting to reduce mouse sensitivity. You might need to experiment to find the ideal sensitivity for your preferences.
    3. Disable Enhancements:

    • Windows may apply pointer acceleration or other enhancements that can affect mouse sensitivity. Disable these settings by:
      • Open the Control Panel.
      • Go to "Hardware and Sound."
      • Click on "Mouse."
      • In the Mouse Properties window, go to the "Pointer Options" tab.
      • Disable "Enhance pointer precision" or "Pointer acceleration."
      • Apply the changes.
    4. Raw Input:

    • Some games offer an option for "Raw Input" or "Direct Input." Enabling this option bypasses Windows mouse settings and can lead to more consistent sensitivity.
    5. Check for Third-Party Software:

    • Ensure that you don't have any third-party mouse software or utility running in the background that could be interfering with your mouse sensitivity.
    6. Update Mouse Drivers:

    • Ensure you have the latest drivers for your mouse. Visit the manufacturer's website to download and install the latest drivers if necessary.
    7. Restart the Game:

    • Sometimes, changes to sensitivity settings might not take effect until you restart the game. After adjusting settings, try restarting the game to see if the issue is resolved.
    8. Reboot Your Computer:

    • Occasionally, a simple computer restart can resolve unusual mouse sensitivity issues.
    9. Check for Hardware Issues:

    • Make sure there are no physical issues with your mouse or its sensor, such as dirt or debris on the sensor.
    10. Consider a Different Mouse:

    • If you've tried all the above steps and still experience issues, it's possible that your current mouse isn't compatible with the games you're playing. Consider trying a different mouse.
    By following these steps, you should be able to adjust your mouse sensitivity to a level that is comfortable and playable for you in Steam games, Minecraft, and other games.

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