Mouse Synchronization Issue with MS VPC Conversion

Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by mcsenerd, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. mcsenerd


    I've converted one of our Virtual PC images with Transporter, and it seems to convert fine...but when I attempt to run the newly converted machine...the keyboard and mouse syncronization give me great stress. Basically, the Parallel tools installation will not replace the MS installed keyboard and mouse driver. Sometimes the Mouse driver has installed...but the keyboard still appears to use the old MS VPC driver and somehow it conflicts with the Parallels mouse driver over resources. Has any one had a similar issue? I've tried uninstalling the old MS VM Extensions before transporting the machine...but I still get the same issue. The "transported" machine is being run on the newest beta for Mac OS X by the way. If the mods feel that this should be moved into the Mac be it...but I would think that the transporter app should deal with the keyboard and mouse drivers from Virtual PC considering that it is supposed to support doing so.
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  2. shuby


    I have the same problem, been tinkering around with it for a day now.It is driving me absolutely insane!! I need this thing to work, reinstalling is not an option either.


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