Mouse Synchronization - Making it work in Parallels 3

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by BPSooner, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. BPSooner

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    Interestingy, I found a workaround for the mouse problem (where after installing Parallel Tools, the mouse still had to be manually released via ctrl+alt).

    If while in Windows, you go to Start | All Programs | Parallel Tools and run Parallel Tools and then go to the Mouse Synchronization Options and un-enable it, apply it and then re-enable it and apply … then OK, it seems to start synchronizing the mouse properly where it smoothly runs in Windows and smoothly transverses to the Mac windows as it should.

    Even thought I've un-installed and re-installed Parallel Tools several times, this seems to be the only way to get mouse synchronization to work for me. Go figure!

    If anyone knows how to make this work without always having to go to Parallel Tools every time I load Parallels, I'd like to hear about it.


  2. quang

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    I have never had any issue with the mouse. It just works seamlessly across Windows XP and the MAC OS.

    The only time I had problem with it was that I accidentally installed a logitect mouse driver and then I has to do Ctrl+Alt manually. Luckilly, I was able to roll back the change using the Snapshot Manager.
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  3. BKowal

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    Thanks for the workaround. It's extra work, but at least I can get it to work while the programmers fix this.

    My mistake was in letting the OS X upgrade be installed last week. This disabled my USB devices on v 2.5, forcing me to install 3.0 [when I wanted to wait for bugs to be fixed].

    Everything was working fine until I started upgrading.

    Lesson: don't upgrade anything without first checking all forums.

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