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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by mfcmfc, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. mfcmfc

    mfcmfc Bit poster

    I have Parallels tools installed in Windows XP sp2, but the mouse synchronization support is listed as being disabled. Does this feature not work in Windows XP? Seems strange that the most popular OS would not be supported. If it is supported, how do I enable it?
  2. RubenWinters

    RubenWinters Bit poster

    I've got the same problem.
    With xp sp2 it works fine, but
    with Vista business the mouse-syncronisation doesn't work.
  3. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

    Thanks for report - we will look at this.
  4. mgpws

    mgpws Junior Member

    When I added mouse sync support to ECS/OS2 I lost the keyboard and mouse altogether.
  5. nlaskie

    nlaskie Bit poster

    Mouse syncronization is not available in the Parallels Tool Center on my MBP. The guest os is Windows XP sp2.
  6. cheungw

    cheungw Bit poster

    I upgraded from Win 2K SP3 to Windows XP SP2 and lost the mouse synchronization. I can see it in the parallels tool center, but it's disabled and the check box is shaded out.
  7. constant

    constant Forum Maven

    Did you re-install Parallels tools?
  8. garsonga

    garsonga Bit poster

    Mouse Sync

    I'm having the same problem. I running Windows XP Media Center Sp2 as host OS and Win 98 as guess OS. I've installed the Parallels tools, to include the video and sound drivers.

    Mouse Syncronization option is not showing up on the Parallels tools menu in the guest OS so I am unable to sync the mouse. I'm using Parallels Workstation 2.2 build 2112. Any suggestions would be a great help.

  9. LymanZerga

    LymanZerga Bit poster


    I had the same problem. For some reason I lost mouse synchronization. If I clicked inside OS window, I would lose mouse and keyboard alltogether, both having no affect on eithe host or guest OS, until I pressed Ctl+Alt to free them. I could then click on USB icon in Parallels, and choose to connect internal Apple Trackpad and keyboard. In device manager of the guest OS (XP), I had standard HID keyboard and mouse, and also Parallels devices, which showed exclamation points in yellow circles.

    To fix the issue, I disabled conflicting devices, uninstalled Parallels tools. Reboot. Then install the tools back. Go in XP device manager, enable Parallels mouse and keyboard. Reboot. Voila! That fixed it for me.

    Good luck!
  10. krutoypank

    krutoypank Bit poster

    Mouse Problem

    Hello there I have same deal. I installed the Win Xp SP2 as a guest but my mouse synchronization is not available to check it. IF anyone has an answer for me please let me know. Thanks..
  11. vdesmedt

    vdesmedt Bit poster

    Logitech Driver


    I had the exact same problem but not from the beginning. It "suddenly" appears after I installed the logitech driver for my MX Revolution. Uninstalling the drivers did not help but a system restore before the point where I installed the driver did.

    In the same time, the system restore rolled back some XP updates which I reinstalled without making any difference on a Mouse Synchronization point of view ;-)

    I'am a Happy Parallels Desktop User again :)

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