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  1. IRol

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    Hello everybody,
    I want to move Windows 10 from the 2nd HD to the main HD (SSD) both resident on my MBP.
    Some background.
    At the beginning, since totally new with Parallels (still now I admit), I choose to install W10 on the 2nd HD which I use for backups.
    When, a few weeks ago, I decide to move W10's location, I've created a new installation on the main HD planning subsequently to delete the 1st one after reached the same configuration.
    But, I surely did something different in the process, and the new W10 doesn't allow me to change screen resolution and my MBP's files are available only as a network resource.
    I read this help and I ask you if I can copy and paste the pvm file from the 2nd HD to the main HD and remove the last pvm I've created just throwing it in the bin.
    MPB 10.11.6, Parallels 12.2.1
  2. rkulikov

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    Yes, you may move your .pvm-bundle around your Mac. If you want to have it on your main HD - you may. Do you have any issues with it?
  3. IRol

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    Thanks, everything went smooth. Solved. :)

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