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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Digitalbrit, Jul 11, 2007.

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    If anyone can offer some advice please ...

    When I installed Parallels on my Macbook, my airport extreme and broadband connection was already up and running, and (amazingly) when I installed Parallels and Vista, the broadband connection (via Vista) just worked, with no need to fiddle with any settings or install anything else in Vista.

    What's happening is that I am uninstalling Parallels from my Macbook and reinstalling it on my iMac, which is being moved and will have a new broadband connection.

    Given the ease of the first install, am I best moving the iMac, getting its broadband connection working first, and then installing Parallels with Vista, which will hopefully again "just work". Or if I install Parallels and Vista before moving the iMac, how troublesome will it be to get Vista to recognise the new broadband connection? Or again should it just work.

    I hope someone can follow this! And sorry if this is more of an operating system question, but I like things that just work :)

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    The guest OS doesn't actually know about the broadband connection, so it really shouldn't matter. What actually happens is that the host OS knows about whatever connection you use and the guest os connects to the host OS's connection, regardless of what that connection is. Thus, if your host was connecting to an encrypted wifi connection, your guest OS would just think it was connected to a basic network and would not need to know the wifi password. Generally, guest OSs should be pretty portable as parallels generally handles changes on the end of the host os, not the guest os.
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    Cool. Thanks for the info.

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