Moving PDF XChange Editor window in coherence mode sluggish, other apps ok

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by mik0r, Dec 20, 2021.

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    I am running Windows 11 in Parallels 17.1 on an M1 Pro Macbook Pro, using an external 4K monitor with the Macbook closed (i.e., single display).

    In Coherence mode, when I have PDF Change Editor open, moving around or resizing that window is terribly sluggish, up to the point it is hardly usable. With other applications, e.g. Microsoft Edge or Abbyy Finereader 14 I don't have this issue and can move windows around with good responsiveness.

    The only thing I could find in the knowledge base possibly related is artefacts in relation with scaled resolutions (also I don't see any artefacts in the movement), so I tried disabling scaling (macOS was already set to non-scaled mode, I changed the Scaling in Windows to 100% as well). I also tried the workaround from the KB article (defaults write "com.parallels.Parallels Desktop" "Application preferences.CoherenceOsScaling" 1) without effect.

    Any idea what could be the issue here?
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    I am having exactly the same issue. Moving PDF Change Editor window in Coherence mode or resizing is very very laggy.
    Looked in activity monitor and does not seem to be an issue.
    Also when I went to full screen mode in Coherence mode the buttons to minimise, fullscreen etc were off the screen to the right, so I could not exit full screen mode.

    Had to exit Coherence mode and then click on square button. want back into Coherence mode and put in full screen then seemed ok.

    I have MacMini 8gB RAM running windows 11 Home build 22000.376 on parallels Version 17.1.0 (51516) on 34" ultra wide screen monitor

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