MS Access crashing when trying to open database files.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Nicky5, Jan 4, 2022.

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    As a new user to Parallels it was great to be able to use programs I only had access to at on my university PC at home while the university was closed due to the ongoing pandemic. Before Christmas I had to have my Mac replaced due to a hardware issue. I transferred all my files over to the new machine no problem, reinstalled Parallels desktop etc. Now when I come to open the MS Access database file I want to work on in Parallels desktop, MS access will open briefly before not being able to open/load the the database file and crash. I have tried updating Windows, uninstalling and reinstalling Parallels and MS Access, re-downloading the MS Access database file and opening it all within Parallels desktop and no luck. I can still open MS Access and create a new database but it seems I cannot open database files for some reason. Any suggestions as now I cant uses Parallels for the one thing I mainly bought it for...


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