MS Azure VM + Visual Studio + VS Code and with AWS

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blogs, Feb 8, 2023.

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    After a strong battle, I managed to set up MS Azure Account, set up Windows VM, install Chrome, install VS 2022, and VSCode. Also, I managed to connect from Desktop RDP and also from the Browser using the Bastion feature. This means I can now connect to the Azure VM using the Browser and no need for an RDP Desktop client. All such features are free based on a credit I got which will end after I utilize the remaining balance. I am also trying to have the same setup using AWS, but still struggling.

    I thought this approach will allow me to connect to my local dev environment and no need to worry about updating my laptop to work with such technologies.

    Now I can work on my Java and C# Projects from the Library Desktop computers and no need to carry my laptop with me, or this is what I am hoping at least. I realized after many years of working with different laptops, I have to upgrade it one day, and maintaining my laptop is very cumbersome.

    I am wondering if anyone has been through such a setup and if it is worth it, and if you recommend using AWS or MS Azure. And, probably paying for the cloud subscription fee is more cost-effective compared to the cost of updating and maintaining your laptop.

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