MS Flight simulator from Steam not launching

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    In an attempt to get around the non functioning Game Pass app that won't allow downloads of purchased content (in this case MSFS), I started over with Steam. I purchase ANOTHER copy of MSFS through steam and attempted to run it. after 3-4 minutes (I could see MSfS burning 17% CPU in the task manager), the screen went black and the following message box appeared: "your system does not meet the minimum requirements. as a result, you may experience errors in the game". I clicked "OK" and MSFS quit. I was back at the Windows desktop and MSFS was no longer running the the task manager.

    How do I get MS Flight simulator to run???
    Mac powerbook pro max w/4tb storage, and 64gb ram
    windows 11 (arm pro insider review) configured with 1TB of storage and 32gb ram and 6 processors
    Parallels 17.1.1
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    Same here, damn it!
    Macbook Pro M2 with 1TB SSD and 24GB RAM
    Windows 11 (ARM Insider Preview) with 1TB of storage and 12GB RAM (up to 6GB graphics RAM) and 4 CPUs
    Parallels 18.1.0

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