MS Project 2007 won't save to shared drive

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by edeslaur, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. edeslaur



    I have a drive letter mapped to \\.PSF...

    Recently (was it an MS update? Parallels? Dunno, wasn't using MS Project enough during that period to pinpoint it).

    We just finished some projects, so MS Project 2007 wasn't a daily app. Now it is. When I <save as> a file to my mapped drive, it works fine. When I save it again, I get an error message.

    1. create a new project
    2. add some stuff
    3. Save As to mapped drive - works fine
    4. add some stuff
    5. <ctrl-s> or File.Save or toolbar <Save> icon
    After about 30-40 seconds MS Project throws up an error that it cannot access the path.
    6. File.Save As, select the same file name chosen in step 3 - works.

    I've had MS Project 2007 on this XP SP2 image for some months, and this appears to be a new problem (I usually use it to modify files on SharePoint or view files emailed to me, so I can't guarantee it's been doing this all along).

    MS Office 2007 apps (MS Project is not an Office 2007 app, it is purchased seperately) do not seem to be exhibiting the behaviour.

    Thank you
  2. Jim LaBrie

    Jim LaBrie

    Can You Export MS Project Data To Mac OSX Excel?

    Eric -- I have a question for you ... I presume you're running MS Project under Parallells. Some MS Project reports require Excel. Do you have a Mac version of Excel on your computer? If so - are you able to export MS Project data to your Mac Excel? (or do you have a Windows version installed?)

    I installed Project last week. It now appears that I have to buy a Windows-version of Excel, which kinda-stinks when I already have the Mac version on the same computer. Have you run into this problem? (or do you know a way around it?)

    thanks for any suggestions you can offer

    Jim LaBrie
    Santa Cruz, CA
  3. edeslaur


    Hi Jim,

    I have excel on both sides, sorry man.
  4. edeslaur


    Hi, anyone have a suggestion for this? Am I the only one? :)

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