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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by AlejandroM7, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. AlejandroM7

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    I successfully installed IIS and a Net App that is running fine, but I need to install MS SQL Engine. I installed SSMS and that worked fine, so it is just the MS SQL Engine that is missing. But if I download the latest MS SQL version and try to install it I get an error. I tried all versions, Developer, Express, etc. and no luck.
    Does anyone know how to install MS SQL on Paralells and Win 11?
  2. Asish@Parallels

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    Hello @AlejandroM7, Kindly let us know the below details to assist you further.
    1. What version of MS SQL are you trying to install?
    2. What is the processor of your host Mac machine? (Intel / M series 'M1' 'M2')
    3. Please share the screenshot of the error message here with us.
  3. DanielD24

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    Make your life easy. Install Docker on your Mac and use Azure SQL Edge in a container. It's a parsed down MS SQL engine.

    Map container port 1433 to 1433 local and it should be accessible to the VM.

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