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    Hi everyone,

    I have multiple windows VM's that I use for work, which includes using MS Teams for IM's, group calls, video & content-sharing, etc. I don't really have a choice not to use MS Teams even though personally I hate the app (uses a lot of CPU and fan constantly on overdrive). I use all these guest VM's in coherence mode.

    In my Windows 10 VM (first time we used Teams), in coherence, I noticed that my Teams Dock Icon (ie: on the Mac Dock) doesn't show notifications for any new IM's etc, which is annoying, but to work-around the problem I just showed Windows Notifications in the Mac Menu Bar and it would persistently show my status up there, and whenever I got a new/unseen IM it would show the little red bell inside the icon. Thus, even though not visible with a Dock Icon "bubble" notification, I had a mechanism whereby I could easily see any missed IM's all the time.

    Just created a new Windows 11 VM and while I use the same settings, I cannot get the MS Teams icon to be persistently visible in the mac menu bar. Instead it's grouped away in the sub-menu underneath this upside-down carrot that shows in my mac menu bar. In order to see Teams status/icon, I need to manually click that upside-down carrot first. If I use Windows full-screen, the same behavior exists in the Windows notification area in the lower right of the windows task-bar. However when using Windows Full-screen, the MS Teams application (in the task bar) DOES show my status and any notifications persistently.

    I really like using coherence mode for many reasons and don't want to use Windows 11 full screen; however I am constantly missing notifications and don't have time to "babysit" the notification area (ie: clicking the upside down carrot in the mac menu bar to see my MS Teams status). (Side-note: when a new IM comes in, I see a notification banner for a little while, and the Teams icon does show up stand-alone in the mac menu bar.... but both go away after like 30 seconds and I'm away from my machine a lot during the day).

    Does anybody know of a workaround for this, to get the Teams status icon to be persistent in the windows notification area/mac menu bar? Or to somehow get bubble notifications on the Mac doc icon? I've played around with all kinds of Windows Notification settings for this app, and none make the Teams Icon persistently visible in the windows notification area. Ideally the Mac Dock Icon for Windows MS Teams in coherence mode would show a bubble like it does for outlook, but unfortunately that behavior has never been present in any Parallels version as far as I know.

    My host Mac is using 10.14.6 Mohave. It is an early-2015 Macbook Pro, Retina, 13-inch, with 16GB of RAM and 3.1 GHz intel core i7 processor. I just upgraded to PD v.18 Pro (subscription basis). I was formerly using PD v.14 as a permanent license. Same behavior is seen in both PD versions re: this issue.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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