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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Linux' started by ricdgr, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. ricdgr

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    Hi there,

    Been using 2X Client (the latest version) with Unity 12.04, and these are my findings:

    - Application Shortcuts will not show on the Dash
    - If a user moves to a new workspace, all windows are gone forever, even if he gets back to the workspace he had the windows on
    - Application icons for applications that are running do not show on the launcher, just a 2X icon for all the apps
    - Miniature Windows do not show the real contents, but parts of some other windows (this is the same for Gnome 3, by the way).

    Is there any plan to improve the current state of 2X Client on Ubuntu?

  2. andrews8

    andrews8 Hunter

    Hi thanks for your interest in 2X products.

    Presently we're not aware of the issues you're reporting, we'd suggest contacting 2X Support to give us more information about these issues.

    If you have any more questions let us know

  3. ricdgr

    ricdgr Member

    This happens on Ubuntu 12.04, their current LTS, with the default desktop they offer.

    It's hard to believe that you do not test your clients with the major Linux distributions.

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