Multiple Displays not working in Parallels 16

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by ParallelsU540, Jan 4, 2021.

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    When upgrading from Parallels 14 to Parallels 16, I went from being able to use my two external monitors and the Macbook Pro's monitor, to only being able to use one monitor in total for any of my Guest instances (Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu20.04, Windows 10)

    When viewing display properties in Ubuntu 18.04, it shows that one of my external monitors, and the Macbook monitor, are both monitor "3"

    Trying to adjust any of the settings in Ubuntu is very difficult as well, because of the way the displays are rendering. AS you can see by the attached image, one of the monitors doesn't even have the background, like it was locked in time briefly before I changed it to the one seen on the Macbook display, and the right external

    I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Parallels 16, and even creating a new instance of one of my Guest OS's and issues persist.
    I've tried changing display configuration while the Guest OS is active to no success.
    This is a 2015 Macbook Pro
    Any help in this matter would be most appreciated.

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    Also to note, this issue was both in Catalina and Big Sur. I thought maybe updating my Mac OS would fix the issue, but it did not.
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    I also face the same issue. Unable to use second external monitor (when connected to macbook pro 16+ dell 24 + dell 24)

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