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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by rgransbury, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I am looking for an add-on product to my current terminal services environment. I was referred to this site from I have looked through the manual and have a few questions.

    1. How does 2x app server handle a multiple domain forest?

    2. It looks like you have to put username/password info into the client. I gather from those instructions that there is not support for integrated authentication.

    3. If there is no integrated auth, what if I do not put username/password info into the client setup. Does this mean when a user connects to the server they get a standard ts login? Will the application publishing still work in this scenario?

    4. Is there anyway to restrict connections from the standard rdp client
  2. Lee

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    change the port that TS runs on and update applicationserver with the correct port, the client doesnt state the port and therefore the user wouldnt know which port to connect for full desktop without doing a port scan (they shouldnt be doing this :) )

    There is no windows intergrated authentication at present

    if the wrong details were put in for example the user is still displayed the terminal services window they simply have to put in the username and password in your case, and then the application would be published to their desktop
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    The suggestion to change the TS port is IMHO, big BS. :evil:
    2X should change the client version number on the 2X ApplicationServer Client AND RECOMMEND people using their OWN 2X SecureRDP freeware to filter incoming connections by Client Version!
    Answers like that drive me nuts :shock: . 2X controls BOTH the client AND the SecureRDP product and still suggest people to change the TS client instead of changing the client version number on their OWN software what would not take them more than 5 minutes.
    This is crazy.
    Oh by the way if you do not know how to change the version number simply read the article posted on today. It explains how to do that.

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