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    Lately my workflow could have benefitted greatly from being able to create multiple *virtual* displays for a single VM. I appreciate the existing ability to use multiple real displays in full screen mode, but I would love a way to basically use Parallels in windowed mode with multiple windows (which I'm calling virtual displays).

    I realize a lot of people would hear that and say "just use Coherence," but the particular use cases I'm thinking of wouldn't benefit from Coherence. For example, I've needed to test a web app I'm developing at different resolutions, but accounting for things like the Windows toolbar and browser chrome, etc., so just using a big monitor and using a browser's dev tools in responsive mode to simulate a certain resolution doesn't work, because it wouldn't include the chrome and taskbar, etc. And while I can do that much as-is with Parallels running in a single window, resized to whatever resolution I need to test, there's no way I can then pull up the browser's dev tools, or any of my other tools, and still have the full browser window to work with.

    That's just one example, but I find myself in that position frequently, and I imagine there are many other uses that would benefit all kinds of users, if they had the chance. Being able to mix and match between full screen virtual displays and windowed ones would be icing on the cake :)

    Thanks for your time! I hope to see something like this in a future release...

    -- Jared
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    Oh, thats exactly what i was looking for. That would be great for testing Apps that need a second monitor, without having a real one.
    It would be perfect if you could manage that you can handle the virtual display independently.

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