My experience... Parallels is a disaster!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by jaydear, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Software "As Is" is an understatement and not entirely true, if it was sold as is then why is there promise of support/updates ?? Are you sure you understand the term "software" ??

    I have failed to do nothing, the software application has failed to deliver but it seems no matter what anyone says you can not get that point through your head. This has nothing to do with a browser this has to do with commercial software that is advertised to do certain things that it does not do (eg: false advertising).

    Can someone please show me the "disclaimer" that specifically states "as is" before you purchase Parallels. I am not talking about the license agreement which is a standard license agreement, I am talking about the disclaimer that states "sold as is" before you make your purchase.

    I guess I should state that the "As Is" as you refer too "All" software is because the warranty supersedes that "As Is" clause when the software says or claims it will do certain functions .. Such as "Parallels Software International, Inc. further warrants that the Software shall operate substantially in accordance with the functional specifications contained in the User Manual."


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  2. cp1160

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    Parallels works for me - it has worked for me since November 2006 when I purchased by MacBook Pro. I have not had an issue with it and stand by it. Others have issues, but I still cannot blame Apple like some have in this thread. Apple cannot be responsible for issues with installing Windows in Parallels. I'm not being a cheerleader, and I understand the sheer frustration that users can have, but why, I ask, is the issue with Apple. I'm sorry if I said Apple supports Bootcamp. Apple OFFERS Bootcamp as a solution for users that want to run Windows. It works. Users seem to be able to run games nicely. It is not perfect however, since you cannot have OS X and Windows functionality simultaneously, but it works.

    My suggestion. When a trial is offered, take advantage!

    I run Quicken 2007, Office 2007, Office 2007 and some other standard business applications under Parallels. It plain works for me.
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    Apple is blammed for one when they first decided to go the Intel-Based route they did infact state "Run Windows on Your Mac" and at this time there was no disclaimers saying you needed to buy WindowsXP or Additional Software like Parallels to run Winblows.

    This is the exact same advertising method Parallels itself has used and is still using. Now sure Apple later on said you needed this or that but upfront the fact is they did not.

    Again I have supported Apple for over 15 years even when they did produce some not so high quality computers (Performa 6116 for one which I do still own and it still runs). So I am not some winblows Mac Hater, but facts are facts and Apple is starting to do exactly what they did in the early 90's.

    We are the consumer and fact is without us spending our money these companies would not be in business. When us consumers are lead to think a product will do this and that and it dont then we feel ripped off. We are not talking about pennies here, we are talking $Billion$ that consumers spend with these companies each and every year.

    It is good that you dont have problems with your software but you are apart of a very small group because the fact is there is a larger group of us that do have problems with this software.

    These companies are under every obligation to advertise the truth and that includes what does work and what does not work, it also includes what additional or other software is "Required" .. I have already pointed out what Parallels Advertises here but let's take it one more step.

    MacMall for one which is Apple Authroized, here is a new IMac 2.4GHz, 1GB Memory, 320GB Hard Drive-iMac

    Now show me where in the specs it tells me I "Must" buy a copy of WindowsXP in order to run Windows on this Intel-Base Mac. Where do you think these specs come from ?? They come directly from Apple and the fact that you see "Intel-Based" with nothing specifically saying you "Must" buy additional software does mis-lead the consumer into thinking they dont need windowsXP or Vista to run Windows software.

    There is mention "Purchase any Apple-Intel based computer and Parallels Desktop 3.0 and save $60 after MacMall mail-in rebate offer.**PARALLELS DESKTOP 3.0 REQUIRES WINDOWS XP OR WINDOWS VISTA TO RUN.
    Offer good through Sep 30 2007 11:59PM PST."

    This means nothing and does not tell me that I have to buy Windows Software to run Windows. As a matter of a fact the statement itself is wrong, parallels does not require windows to run.. Windows requires parallels to run so even that itself is mis-leading..

    And of course this is online so more information is there but if you was in a store you would have even less information.

    So bottom line here is the consumer was infact and in some causes are still mis-lead by Apple and Parallels both and the consumer has spent their hard earned money with these companies.

    From my personal point of view, if Apple was going to go Intel-Based and have the ability to run windows then they should have created and supported a system to allow their users to do so without the need to buy Parallels or other software from other companies. BootCamp itself should have been built proper and supported by Apple.

    Now I think you should understand what some users mean when they make post such as this. Frankly I think I should be refunded my money for WindowsXP and Parallels...


  4. Olivier

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    Ah Ah Ah Ah! And you really believe what you wrote? For you Apple switching for Intel processors means Apple telling you "run Windows"? LOL.
  5. Olivier

    Olivier Forum Maven

    Bullshit. You don't have, as well as I or we all do not have, *any* information to assert such a statement. If you count the number of posts where people say I have a problem and those where they say I have no problem, of course you get a biased information. Do you really believe most of those people without issues even know this forum?
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    To begin with I said the consumer, not me. For those that dont know that much about computers, yes thats exactly what they will assume. I pointed out a fact and you did not even take the time to read what was posted before you want to lash back and laugh. Maybe you should read an entire post and understand it before responding.

    As to your 2nd post again you should read first before responding. You cant tell me I "do not" have problems with this software and from the many post of problems with this software I "Can" make such a statement. Especially when it advertises to do something that it dont do.

  7. thoughton

    thoughton Junior Member

    I just read through 3 pages of your lengthy posts and I still don't know what it is you're complaining about :)

    You appear to be angry because (1) your MacMall package didn't include Parallels and XP for free, and (2) Parallels' DirectX doesn't support some of the latest games. Does that about sum it up?
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    I think you missed the entire point of alot of people, not just me. I have not made 3 pages of post.
  9. wingdo

    wingdo Pro

    How did Apple deceive? Yes, you can run windows on your Mac. You can also run Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and tons of other software. Are you suggesting that Apple should be giving away Windows XP and every other piece of software that can be run on a Mac? Just because you "can run" something doesn't mean you have to, nor does it mean that they give you the software. Apple also provides Boot Camp (currently in Beta version #1.4) as a means to run Windows XP. No additional software purchase is necessary in order to run XP other than XP itself. Parallels and Fusion are just alternative ways of running XP. Of course Apple says you can use these programs even though they provide Boot Camp. Apple also sells iWork, but still says you can run MS Office.

    BTW, I am not in any way defending Parallels here, I have moved on to vmware at least for now, but I do find the logic in this thread to be heavily flawed.
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    Nothing is flawed at all, read the post and it explains.. Nobody here said anything about Apple or anybody else giving you free software. What has been said is the advertising part is mis-leading, it does not tell you that you will need this or that, it does not say this or that works or does not work.

    Fact is I have run my business online for over 15 years and every single product I realease I give full specs on including what "IS" required for the product to run. I do specify what type of server you need and what mods need to be installed on that server, I do specify both recommendations and requirements.

    I do this because its called proper business and I do not mis-lead anybody in anyway. Long time internet vets and newbies both understand upfront exactly what they need.

    It is a fact that you or nobody else cant change no matter how much you dont read the entire post. Both Apple and Parallels did mis-lead their users. It is also false advertising to claim a product can do something that it does not do..

  11. jackybe67

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    Get a live .............
  12. Ti-maniacPro

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    reactivation issue

    I installed the 15 day trial of version 3. (5160) Also I had previously installed Boot Camp. Trying to open on the Mac side in Parallels requires reactivation of the XP OS. The activation on the XP side does not work in Parallels and I just purchased the XP OS new two weeks ago. The number works fine on the XP side.

    If Parallels is unable to get past this major issue, it is not of use to me. I will stay in Boot Camp and save my money.

    Thank goes to the management of Parallels for letting me have an evaluation version before actually buying the product. I wish you the best in fixing your problems.
  13. wingdo

    wingdo Pro

    I read your post 3 times, I ask you again, how the heck did Apple mislead you? (I am not talking about Parallels, but Apple).

    Apple said (and continues to say) that you CAN run XP or Vista under Boot Camp. They never once said that you didn't need to purchase a copy of XP or Vista. Hey, lets toodle on over to Apple's Boot camp site and see what they say ...


    What you’ll need

    * Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.6 or later (check Software Update)
    * The latest firmware updates (check Support Page)
    * 10GB free hard disk space
    * An Intel-based Mac
    * A blank recordable CD or DVD
    * A printer for the instructions (You’ll want to print them before installing Windows, really.)
    * A bona fide full version of Microsoft Windows: XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 2, WIndows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate. (No upgrade or multi-disc versions).

    Hmmmmm, what's that last bullet point? That disclaimer has been on the front page since beta version 1.0 was released.

    From 's listing for Parallels Desktop:
    System Requirements

    * Intel-based Mac required
    * 1GB RAM (2GB recommended to run Windows Vista)
    * 100MB free hard-disk space for Parallels Desktop installation, plus space to allocate to your virtual machine
    * Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later
    * Internet connection required for online updates
    * Requires Windows or other operating system (not included)

    Again, how has Apple deceived you?

    And yes, Parallels advertising has been quite deceptive and continues to be a bit deceptive. But if you actually read my post, I am talking strictly about Apple.
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    Its good to see you run to Apple's website for your information, still you missed the entire point. I am talking about all consumers and not just me, others have the same issue with false advertising.

    The specs on the computers "DO NOT SAY YOU MUST BUY WINDOWS TO RUN WINDOWS" Can you read that ? The specs also do not say anything about BootCamp for that matter let alone Parallels. They never once said you "did" need to puchase additional software (eg: windowsXP) and therefore it is deceptive advertising.

    Your problem is you want to run to Apple's website but with that closed minded thinking of yours you "ASSUME" everybody that buys a Mac buys it online and goes to Apple's website. I hate to inform you but not everybody runs to Apple's website to buy a Mac, many stores online and offline sell Mac computers and it is the Specs of that computer that Apple does create and put on the boxes or advertisements.

    I still have my IMac box and it says nothing on the specs about bootcamp, parallels, or windows software. Do you get the point now or does it actually need to be read to you slowly ??

  15. wingdo

    wingdo Pro

    You have GOT to be kidding me, what are you 12?

    That gets back to my first post. The specs on the box do not say you must buy Final Cut Pro to run Final Cut Pro. That is implied. It is not deceptive what so ever. That is the reason I went to the Apple site. I also went there because you never answered the question as to why you thought Apple wsa being deceptive. Silly me for going to the official Apple site to see them being deceptive. Your lack of even the most basic research does not make Apple deceptive, it just means you didn't have the facts straight. There is a HUGE legal difference there.

    All their ads revolving around BootCamp (even the TV ones) state that if you want to run Windows, you have to buy Windows. Good lord, it is a Macintosh computer because it comes with the Macintosh OS. No Mac comes from Apple with Windows installed, if you want Windows pre-installed, go through MacMall or another online reseller where they do the OS install (frequently at next to nothing prices).

    I'm not coming back to this thread as you are clearly a forum troll, so don't post any more irrational and unsubstantiated replies to me as I will not be back to this thread to read them. Your illogic is stunning.

    Wrong again. Apple does not print the specs for other resellers. The resellers do. Apple is in NO WAY responsible for what other companies say Macintosh computers can do. Apple is solely responsible for what Apple says their systems can do.
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  16. wingdo

    wingdo Pro

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    Actually I am starting to think you are 12, I have been online for over 23 years so I think I am a bit older than 12..

    The fact that you can not even comprehend a simple fact goes to show what type of person you are. My post are 100% valid and if you could read proper then you would not have posted a reply in the first place.

    You must be one of those Mac Newbies because you sound like one. Authorized resellers must list the specs given to them by Apple, its in the license agreement of being a reseller. The fact that you make statements such as "it is a Macintosh computer because it comes with the Macintosh OS. No Mac comes from Apple with Windows installed" tells me that you did not read the post proper. I am not some newbie and have supported Apple for years but the fact is I do not agree with the way they do advertise and they do mis-lead consumers gives me the right to speak my mind about it. If you dont agree with others opinion's then dont reply to them.

    I don't remember any post on this thread about Final Cut Pro, if you read proper then you would know this thread was started because of what Parallels promised their software could do, it cant do not to mention that sloppy support..
  18. fpillet

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    ... which doesn't mean you have a functioning brain. You sound like these people who will sue a coffee shop because they don't write on the cups that coffee is hot and may burn if spilled. Consumer stupidity seems to have no limits these days!
  19. Fortune500

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    It seems to me at least the some folks around here are not having the problems you describe. It is true that some folks need a windows machine to do their do. If so, so be it but i can't think of a soul who thought as you say "that this Intel Crap would run winblows with no mention at first that you needed to buy more software to run it and you also had to buy a copy of winblows software."

    I knew it going in and that's the game. I don't blame you if you choose not to play the game. That's a matter of choice. But saying "Then we come to Parallels which I was only told after I paid $2,000 for this new IMac that I had to spend $80 for Parallels and another $200 for WindowsXP." is nothing short of your inability to do your research. I don't work for any of these companies but at least i can figure out that all of this is about money. Where have you been for the last 15 years?

    Now your saying "that you spent all this money to have a system that is really no better than my eMac which runs VirtualPC with WindowsXP with no issues? Perhaps your not the expert you claim to be cause windows XP on our systems runs circles around Virtual PC.

    Are there problems?? Sure but thats the nature of the beast. Try not to get eaten by it.

  20. Gryzor

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    Yeah, and other have problems with their pets, that's what vets are for.

    You've got to be kidding me and the rest of this forum. Your logic is so freaking flawed that this must be a joke.
    That would be like blaming a car manufacturer because it never said that you have to to go a gas station and fill it with gas; even when in the specs it said the type of fuel.
    You might have been "23" years here (i've been a little bit more) but you are clearly trolling for no reason, without an argument.
    You feel like a victim of "false-advertising". Please, get a freaking life, and don't be naive, you are starting to look like a cheerleader...

    I still have mine, thank you. And thank god it doesn't mention all that; if the MacBook Pro box (small as it it) was to include all the specs about all the posibilities and softwares that could run on it, we'd have to include a Bible along with the computer.

    Go rant at or buy a PC, which -for you- is "better". Clearly you've never found the advantages of having a single integrated environment. Oh, but you're a designer, not a programmer; you just copy and paste HTML in DreamWeaver and/or edit TIFF files in Photoshop.

    Bah! This thread is OFF-TOPIC, has got nothing to do with Parallels Install and Configuration. It's just a nonsense of an "experienced" user…

    Now excuse me, I have to laugh.

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