My thoughts on Dual Screen operation based on build 3094

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by timon, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. timon


    I've been thinking about dual screens under parallels and have my opinon on how they should work.

    1) If the Mac is using dual montiors then Parallels video driver should also show dual monitors. In other words it should be no different than running under bootcamp with dual screens. Let Windows manage the virtual monitors. Currently I only see one monitor under windows.

    2) Each monitor should have it's own settings. You should be able to set each one to full screen, windowed mode each sized on it own or coherence. All this while the other screen maintains it's current mode. This is a big advantage as you can keep one screen set to a full windows desktop while using the other screen in coherence mode so you can drag those windows needed to the main OS X desktop. Total user control.

    3) One hot key that you can always get to that will bring up a diaglog box so one can select any display mode along with some other settings. This should also allow for user presets so you can select different windows configurations without changing each one on it's own.

    Anyway, just a few ideas for the Parallels team to think about.
  2. bobz


    Agreed. Multiple monitors should be supported as multiple displays within Windows. The current single-wide-screen kludge is simply broken beyond usefulness.

    When I maximize a window, I want it to fill one screen, not span both monitors. I don't want centered dialog boxes popping up half on one screen and half on another. I'm resigned to using just one display for Windows apps until/if proper multiple display support is implemented. If Parallels could properly virtualize my dual monitors, I'd be sooo tickled...

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