Need help understanding what Clean Drive files it is looking at

Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox for Mac' started by RJ-1125, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Hi all. I don't want to ask a redundant question, so please let me explain. My Clean Drive tells me that I have 15GB of data that I can clean off my Mac from a variety of locations.

    My quest for knowledge is:
    1) how do I know if these files are important?
    2) where is Clean Drive looking and using to determine that these files are no longer needed?

    Is there a listing of folder locations or criteria that can be shared so that I can understand the impact and don't inadvertently remove a folder that is important to me? I've been successful at erasing critical history of my son and his cousins previously and don't want to make that error again and lose out on great embarrassing evidence for when they start their own families. Any guidance or clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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