need plain mojave.dmg, copies from apple are all install packages

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  1. MeredithH

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    need mojave.dmg to run 32bit apps

    links to apple versions are all to appstore install packages and won't work, give me correct error message that I'm already running Monterey and can't install

    all links in several mac forums all don't work or point to the appstore

    HELP! please.....

  2. MeredithH

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    subsequently I followed the instructions on your site forr how to address this problem, and I just wrote about how it failed massively after taking up my whole afternoon....:
    Doesn't work! Went through all the steps loading Mojave installer from appstore, turned off wifi, typed the right sudo into the terminal, went through the PD menu to create a new vm, it correctly identified the mojave.dmg file within the installer and I followed the instructions to install the dmg file, went through 20 min or so looking like it was installing, then hung up at very end of progress bar, waited for about another 20 min, still hanging, meanwhile, all comunication with the system didn't work, no mouse response, no keyboard response, not even a keyboard response to ctrl-alt-del, finally bailed by restarting the mac, when it returned, I got the message "This copy of the 'install macOS' application is too old to be opened on this version of MacOS" -- massive lot of time wasted and MASSIVE FAIL!!

    I'm a retired tech writer and user interface consultant, what you've got on your website is well done but doesn't work with Monterey, at least (maybe it worked in the earlier 64-bit ios, but it doesn't work here on my Mac Mini 2018 running Monterey.

    I desperately need to run some 32-bit apps, I desperately need this to work, you need to make sure that it works for anyone since if it doesn't work for me it probably doesn't work for anyone.

    In any case, what you're saying on your website right now that we can run 32-bit apps on Monterey IS A LIE.

    If you want to hire me to consult with your dev team to fix this, I'd be happy to help, and all I'd want is to be able to actually install Mojave into my parallels system.

    Alterantively, if someone who knows what's going on can simply provide me with a clean mojave.dmg, I'll be happy.



    --Meredith Hoffman
    (former user interface consultant and tech writer)


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