Need to create a script to create folder and copy files Parallel SCCM

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  1. BobT4

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    New to Parallel SCCM. I need to deploy an VPN application and along with it, it required a folder to be create and copy files over to 3 folder.

    Creating the application is not an issue.
    I need guidance on how to package either a script or package where it will do the following.

    1. Create a new folder call Terms to this path /opt/cisco/anyconnect/
    2. Copy 2 text files to this newly created folder /opt/cisco/anyconnect
    3. Copy 1 text file to /opt/snmp
    4. Copy 1 xml file to /opt/cisco/anyconnect/profile

    In windows I can create a batch file and deploy them via SCCM along with the text files. I need help on how can this be accomplished in Mac environment via SCCM.

  2. Ryan Morren

    Ryan Morren Bit Poster

    Sounds like you will need to create a task sequence for this, the steps would look like:
    1. run script to create folder using mkdir "/opt/cisco/anyconnect"
    2. run script to create folder using mkdir "/opt/cisco/anyconnect/profile"
    3. deploy package to copy files to /opt/cisco/anyconnect
    4. deploy package to copy file to /opt/snmp
    5. deploy package to copy file to /opt/cisco/anyconnect/profile

    the first packages would need to have a source folder selected that contains your text and xml files and add a program. the program will run a ditto command to copy from the source folder to the newly created folder on the mac.

    Hope this makes a bit of sense,

    Altiatech Ltd

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