Need to upgrade GPU emulation to cope with current games

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by JonathanK8, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. JonathanK8

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    iMac 3.8GHz 8-core i7 64GB RAM
    Radeon Pro 5700XT

    Windows 10
    Parallels Pro 16

    Parallels Pro fails to run the current generation of games. This is usually due to either (1) insufficient RAM memory (which is fixable by upgrading to Parallels Pro and then assigning the RAM available to Windows. This is limited in Parallels standard), or (2) the GPU graphics card that Parallels emulates being too weak/out of date.
    Parallels is unable to directly address the onboard graphics card of the Mac. So instead it creates a virtual emulation of an Nvidia 7XX GPU. This was probably state of the art when Parallels was released, but is now very old, and unable to run most current games.
    Please upgrade the GPU emulation in Parallels to something more recent (thank you)
  2. LubomirM

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    My vote for this.

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