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    I have been using Parallels Desktop on my base model MacBook Pro 13-in, 2019. The performance and optimization is great but I would like to have further improvement for low-end Macs like MacBook Air, base MacBook Pro 13in, MacBook & iMacs. On my MacBook Pro, when running Windows the fans just cranks up and laptop remains bit warms.
    For improvement, implant future like with one click in Parallels settings to turns off certain animation, transition, transparency effects, background apps, Win update, Win search and couple other settings. This will improve Windows, reduce load and reduce power usage.

    When I am playing audio on Windows and doing productivity between Mac & Win I am seeing stutter/lag and audio does stutters.

    As for feature request, I would like to have Mac apps running virtually running on Windows.
    - With one click run cleaning storage on Windows to clear caches, temporary files & etc.. to free up storage on Mac.
    - Allow multi-boot USB drive. (If this already implemented then multi-boot USB is not detecting when setting up new virtual machine)

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