Nested KVM (Ubuntu Guest running QEMU images)

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    Dear Heroes,
    I've been working for a few days on this on one and off. It's weird. I have a disk image from a VMware Fusion 11.5 I ported into Parallels. Everything is the same, everything works, we're all good. No data loss, no issues with the image. Both hypervisors are running on the same machine, side-by-side.
    Under VMware I start a QEMU image on the Ubuntu host and it boots. No worries at all.
    Under Parallels the same QEMU image on the same Ubuntu host errors with this error: kernel trap 9 with interrupts disabled
    I've booted both images side by side and the only differences are the following:
    1) Under Parallels, the QEMU node reports the following additional lines to the boot process
    WARNING: too long kenv string, ignoring module_path=/packages/sets/pending/boot/os-vmguest;/packages/a
    XSAVE Features=0x1<XSAVEOPT>
    2) Under VMware Fusion, the QEMU node reports the addition of the MTF flag to the VT-x output.
    These are the only differences.

    Any ideas?

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