Nested virtualization in macOS Big Sur

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by JamesF21, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. JamesF21

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    I need nested virtualization to be enabled for a macOS Big Sur virtual machine running under macOS Big Sur. I am a developer and I require the usage of Docker for Mac in my working environment, I use the Pro Edition.
    There was a suggestion from @rkulikov to use a Boot Flags argument in the VM's "Boot Flags" options here:
    However, this doesn't work. Docker still says my CPU is unsupported.
    Also, on a side note, I cannot use Parallels Hypervisor. It asks me to approve the extension in the Security panel, however no prompt to allow the extension is actually available when I open it. I'm not sure if this is related.
  2. PhillipS6

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    I am using the Ninox database and wanted to use Mac Big Sur VMs under macOS Big Sur but the VMs appear very unreliable. I have rebuilt them with Parallels guidance and 2 of the three now start but do not boot to a useable state . All you can do is shut down, restart or sleep. This is very frsutrating as it largely devalues the hardware investments made.

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