Nested virtualization no more available on Home Edition

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by EvannoA, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. EvannoA

    EvannoA Bit poster

    Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac no more provide nested virtualization. Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac used to dot it.
    Is there a way to activate this option without purchasing the Pro edition ? This is the only option I need to work with and don't want to pay year fees.

    Running Windows Server 2012 virtual machine on a non Production platform.

    Thank you
  2. Ajith1

    Ajith1 Parallels Support

    Nested Virtualization feature is moved to Parallels Desktop Pro when Parallels Desktop 11 released. We don't have an option to enable it on a permanent edition. If you wish to use it, please upgrade your license to Pro.
  3. ParallelsU298

    ParallelsU298 Bit poster

    The product owners should reconsider this specially now that this feature is available in two other free hypervisors.
    I am going to switch to an alternative because of this decision.
  4. Hello, if you decide to investigate the issue, could you provide us with the details and your Parallels Desktop version please?
  5. ParallelsU298

    ParallelsU298 Bit poster

    Maria the issue is that this feature used to be part of Parallels Desktop Standard but now requires Pro or Business meaning you can now only get it from Parallels by paying a yearly subscription yet you can still get it for free for personal use from 2 other competitors which I will not name here.
  6. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    And please let us know if we an do something for you in future.

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