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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MacAttak, May 3, 2015.

  1. MacAttak

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    I realize this is somewhat "bleeding edge" given that Win10 is still in preview... but this worked using 10061 and CTP6 so I'm hoping I can get it working now with 10074 and RC1...

    My goal is to able to run the Windows Phone emulators inside of the Windows VM. I don't care about the Android emulator - I can run the Xamarin Android Player emulator on the Mac host and connect to it from within the VM using "adb connect" (this works perfectly fine).

    I am using Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac, fully updated. My VM is Windows 10 Preview, Build 10074. The VM was created from scratch. I have Visual Studio 2015 RC1 installed (from ISO - the web installer has lots of problems) with all mobile development tools selected. I can see that the features are installed - they all appear in Add/Remove Programs.

    However when I attempt to launch the Windows Phone emulator from Visual Studio (F5 to launch, deploy, and debug), I get an error that says Hyper-V is not enabled. I *do* have Nested Virtualization enabled in the virtual machine configuration. As mentioned above, this configuration was working on the previously released previews of Win10 and VS.

    Any ideas on what I can try to fix this and get the emulator working?
  2. charlesd1

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    Kindly post your queries in mac forum and from where I think you get the actual and satisfactory result..
  3. Teddy Gordon

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    @charlesd1 Seriously?
    I have tried the same thing on Parallels latest version and even on VirtualBox 4.3 (latest stable version) and in both cases I get the same results as you did. Maybe it is an issue with Windows 10 Preview 10074 this time because the "Developer Mode" thing also don't work as it should be!
  4. MacAttak

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    That is possibly the cause, Teddy. It is a brand new build from the Windows team.

    For now, I am using Project My Screen along with a physical Windows Phone device when I need to test or demo an app, but that's far from ideal. Hopefully Parallels and Microsoft work out a solution before the next build is released.

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