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    I have an open support case, but I was curious if anyone else has had issues getting the Netboot to when the SCCM PXE DP is on a different subnet than the MacBook client? When I netboot I get to the Apple Logo + Small Spinning globe. It sits on this screen for 4-5 minutes and then it reboots to the HDD. I never get a screen to select the desired task sequence.

    The Wireshark doesn't show any traffic after the initial handshake (see WireShareK_clientSniff.png) and the server sees the request and responds with the boot file (See NetBootServerLog.png).

    Confirmed with our networking team that the IP Helper is setup properly to route the traffic and we don't block any traffic between the clients and the servers.

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    Hi Levis,
    If you go to the Preferences > Startup Disk, do you see your boot image there?
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